Treatment Options


Initial Consult & Treatment

90 mins

To start, we’ll discuss your current health concerns and goals of treatment.  We’ll also discuss your complete health history.  After our tea and chat, I’ll take your pulse and look at your tongue. Then you’ll receive a calming acupuncture treatment that will last approximately half an hour.  After you’re all relaxed and in healing mode, we’ll discuss a course of treatment and herbs.

The course of treatment will depend on your condition as well as your goals of treatment.  A general course of treatment is once a week for three months, however often the condition will warrant only a few treatments.  The general rule is if you have had the symptoms for a short amount of time, the treatment time will be much shorter.  If the symptoms have been around for a long time, the course of treatment will be longer. 

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing to the appointment.

  • Please eat something before you come for your appointment but preferably not a large meal. 

  • Please abstain from coffee, alcohol and sugar for two hours before your appointment. 

  • If possible, plan a relaxing evening after your treatment.


Return Treatment

60 mins

In a return visit we’ll discuss any changes or insights since your last visit.  I’ll take your pulse and check out your tongue. Then you’ll receive a treatment using acupuncture, cupping, massage or moxabustion depending on your condition that day.


Acupuncture Facial

90 mins
$250 /$2500 for 12

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture brings out the innate beauty and radiance of an individual. It involves the insertion of hair thin needles at specific points in the face and body to free the movement of energy in the acupuncture meridians according to an individual’s needs. Results appear after a few treatments due to increased blood circulation and nourishment to the face: fine lines may be entirely eliminated, deeper wrinkles diminished, droopy eyelids lifted, firmer skin and muscle tone, tightening of enlarged pores, brightening of the eyes, improved hormonal balance and reduction of stress which is always apparent in the face.


Herbal Dermatology

email or call to find out more


Gua Sha

30 mins

Chinese herbs support your health in a similar way your diet and supplements do. Chinese Herbs are an excellent resource to support your skin from the inside out. The commitment is large, but more often than not, so is the result. An herbal course of treatment lasts typically 3-6 months. Raw herbs are prepared and shipped to you for approximately $15 per day. We’ll have fortnightly check-ins and herbs will be adjusted throughout the course of treatment depending on what’s showing up and what’s clearing up. Traditional Chinese Herbal Dermatology treats acne, excema, psoriasis and other dermatological issues. Please email me with any questions.


Add a Gua Sha facial massage to your acupuncture treatment. Gua Sha stimulates lymph and blood circulation allowing your body to revitalize itself in a similar fashion to how you glow after a good work out or brisk walk in the woods. It also stimulates all the meridians on the face, neck and chest allowing optimal nourishment and energy to the face.



20 mins

Add cupping to your acupuncture treatment. Cupping is like a reverse massage. It pulls toxins and stagnant blood (think knots and soreness) from your muscles by way of suction allowing your body to replace it with fresh healthy blood (think supple, well nourished muscles). Cupping can leave marks that look like bruises (they aren’t—it’s just old blood that your body has to flush out). Please notify me if you have a big event where your back needs to be bare ie wedding, gala, beach vacay.

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